Hey Friends.

We have  inquired about bringing total orphans into our home in Uganda- we would be registered as an orphanage.


They have a couple of requirements that should be no problem, except for the fact that we need furniture.  We currently have no stove or fridge, and no extra beds, which may be quite a problem.

So I’m gonna throw it out there what we need, and if you feel lead to donate you can do so here.

  1. Fridge- $315
  2. Stove-$360
  3. Table- $200
  4. Sofa $150
  5. Bunkbeds- we need 4, each cost $115
  6. Mattresses- we need 4 3, each cost $30
  7. Mosquito nets- we need 6 5, each cost $12

So, we need a total of $1680 to completely furnish the house in order to become registered.

I would absolutely love to have furniture covered so we can move onto bigger fund raising goals.


4 thoughts on “Fundraising.

  1. SO happy! I spent so much time back in 2010 praying and dreaming with Susan about Yesu. Her family became mine and I love them all dearly. So glad that this is happening. THANK YOU for what you are doing. I will def be visiting you all in Soroti next time I’m in Uganda (I couldn’t make a visit out there work when I was in Uganda earlier this year). Following along. 🙂

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