Why am I even moving?

I don’t even know where to start.

All I know is it’s hard.

I’m leaving the states and comfort and my family and I wish it were different.

I’ve asked myself a billion different times why I am even doing this.

I couldn’t even tell you why.

Because right now, it’s hard.

It’s crazy hard.

I can tell you this though…

I found a place on earth where life matters. Where you awaken each day with purpose and drive.  Where the storms may come, and the heart aches may meet you at your gate day after day, but you learn to seek the joy.

And joy is there.

It’s buried under the faces of the children who are walking through days of grief and days of feeling unloved.

It’s buried under the faces of the mother’s who prostitute in order to feed their children.

It’s buried under the faces of the men who drink their homemade alcohol.

It’s buried under there.

But guess what?

When a treasure is buried deep, what would you do to get to it?

you dig.

It’s not easy.

You get your hands dirty and your forehead sweaty and your heart pounding, but you don’t give up.

It may be hard.

But you know you are going to find it.

That’s why I keep getting on a plane and wiping tears away and kissing my siblings goodbye once again.

Because there is treasure waiting to be found, friends.

There’s 400 children waiting to unbury their joy and find their purpose.

And friends.

He chose me.

And I chose Him.

And that’s my Treasure.


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