It’s all true.

CRW_6284 I am privileged to be part of something bigger than myself.  I am overjoyed to live life among those who’s only father is Him.  I see hope in the eyes of poverty stricken families. For years I heard the stories of Africa. Starving. Barefeet.  Miles for water.  Malaria. Dirty faces. Orphaned. Abandoned.  But now with my own ears I have listened to a father admit his son only receives one meal a day. I have felt the dirty hands between my own. I have heard the begging. I have watched the mothers and daughters carrying jerry cans back from the bore holes. I have taken a little boy to the clinic only to be diagnosed with malaria. Everything you hear about Africa, the pain, the poverty, the heart wrenching stories… it’s all true.


But something else you usually don’t hear about Africa is also true- there is hope.  there is joy. there is peace. there is love. there is a village filled with future leaders. It’s all true. We currently have 109 elementary aged children and 15 high school aged children who need sponsors by December when the new school year starts.   Just $30 will send them to school and provide them with food and health care. Friends, you have the opportunity to care for the least of these. If you can go out for dinner or spend money on entertainment each month you have the ability to care for His children.  Whether you sponsor with Yesu Asobola or with another organization- you have the ability to change the world through a child.




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